Sleep skincare for

acne, dryness, blackheads

30 Nights Risk Free Trial
if for any reason you're not loving aino, even 

after 30 nights,* send it back for a full refund.

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Better skin with
evidence-based science

Dermatologically tested on most common bacteria causing acne
This bedding is made for way more than sleeping. Our anti-acne pillowcases, with silver threads woven in, work by using silver ions’ natural antimicrobial properties to kill off the bacteria that causes acne.

We are doing this, because patients are losing patience — from long waiting lines to wrong treatments and products.
Hence we are here to deliver new line of sleep skincare, mixed with best quality, science and technology. Sleep skincare, because it matters what you sleep on.

✔️We source only the highest quality Mulberry silk and Bamboo silk
✔️Both are treated with anti-bacterial silver ions, reducing acne causing bacteria by 99.7%
✔️Our silk is also rich in sericin that revives the production of collagen in skin which increases skin elasticity
✔️All this with 30 nights risk free trial
Few of our champions:
Keidi, 27, Tallinn, Estonia
30 days

Real people. Real results.

Sericin induced organic silk to offer a solution for your skin's dryness + antimicrobial silver ion technology to kill acne-causing bacteria.
10 days
Ann-Jennifer, 23, Tallinn, Estonia
Julia, 27,
Tallinn, Estonia

23 days